We… Are….. LIVE!!

This is it!  After a week of hard graft trying to get the website designed and ready for use, covering all the important aspects of the club requirements and throwing in some extras like training videos and forums, we are now up and running!

I’d like to extend a massive WELCOME to everyone who has decided to come for a look around.  Please take a couple of minutes to register for the forums and introduce yourself.  This has the potential to be a VERY useful club resource if we use it appropriately.  That takes participation from everyone! 😉  Registration requires an email address and a password. It’s that simple!

The web design has been created with mobile use in mind too so you should be able to access all aspects of the site while you are out and about on your mobile devices.

Take the time to have a good look round the site, familiarise yourself with all the pages and information within. If you have any questions, post them up in the forum or send us a mail.  The idea is that this will become the main point of contact for the club, with Facebook being used as a second catch point.

Invite your cycling friends to register in the forums too. I’ve added for sale/wanted sections and general chat areas, but if there’s something specific you’re after, I have full control of the forums so can add any categories you think may be of benefit.

Check out the Strava widgets on the main pages and join the Strava club to get in on the action!  Hopefully see you around on the forums and around the town or on club runs.


Steve D

Club President. 🙂