Club Rides

Through the summer months, we will be riding far more through the week.  Below you will see a list of available sessions.  All of these sessions meet at our usual spot – The Links car park on Cumming Street.

Tuesday Night – 1830hrs

This session is all about speed and skill on the bike.  We set off in reasonable sized groups of similar ability, with the fastest setting off last, so we all arrive at the destination at approximately the same time.  That’s the theory anyway.  This is a proper hardcore workout session and is the ONLY session we run where there is a possibility of getting dropped.  For this reason we ask that you only attend the session if you are happy (and equipped) to make your way back to the start alone. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to come along – of course we do! And you won’t necessarily have to take a turn on the front initially so please do not be put off.  Email us or chat to us at any of the other group rides if you are interested in giving this session a bash.

Thursday Night – 1830hrs

It’s time to hit the hills!  This session is all about getting as much elevation as possible into a restricted time frame. Some routes will be more challenging than others and there will still be options for those less experienced. Make sure your legs and lungs are in good condition for these sessions though – You will need to use them to full effect! We will regroup as a team at the top (or bottom if we’re going up and down the same hill!) so there will be no getting dropped here.  This session is suitable for intermediate riders.

Saturday Morning – 0800hrs

Not everyone can make it to the Sunday morning social rides.  We acknowledge this so have decided to launch a further group ride on Saturday mornings. Distance and speed will be largely dependant on the capabilities of those in attendance.  Typically rides will either be further of faster than our social rides.

‘Social Sunday’ Sunday Morning – 0900hrs

These are the best introductory rides, where you can meet other members and enjoy a relaxed ride at a pace that suits the group in attendance.  As an approximate guideline expect somewhere around 20 miles minimum, with an average speed of 14-15mph.  This will however be tailored to the group in attendance and should only be considered as a guideline.

Ladies Only Sessions – 1830hrs

Last year we trialled a ladies only session through the week and it was met with great enthusiasm and high attendance figures. More sessions are planned in line with Scottish Cycling’s ‘Breeze’ program in the coming months. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions on these sessions.