It’s amazing how some people who have lived in the local area for so long are not familiar with the roads that network around the countryside in their own ‘back yard’. We like to try and explore all the little roads on our social rides to raise awareness of these routes that can often be quieter than those frequently travelled by car.

When the club was initially established, we had a set few routes that we would stick to for the social rides.  The reality is that the weather plays a huge part in our decision of where to cycle, as well as a number of other factors.  We have found it far more successful to decide the route on the day based upon the weather and the abilities of those in attendance.  We usually offer at least two groups for distance, with the shorter route covering approximately 20-30 miles and the longer route around 40-50 miles over more challenging terrain.

It’s a common concern that we will be going too far or too fast for newcomers to the club.  Although there are guidelines in place for how far/how fast we go on our rides, these are not set in stone and should be seen more as a guideline for newcomers.  If we need to go slower, we will go slower.  If you don’t think you can manage the advertised distance, let us know beforehand and in most circumstances we can work in an alternative route.  Check out the ‘Latest Rides on Strava’ widget that will let you see what individual club members have been up to or ask us for more information on our intended routes.