Club Kit

Revolution CT club kit has been designed and supplied by Kalas for 2015/16. We did exhaustive research into the best ‘overall’ package, including quality, online design tools, reputation, minimum orders, lead times, available products and of course, cost.

You can download the 2016 custom Kalas kit range here. Please bear in mind this is a 10Mb PDF file so may take some time to download on a slow connection.

I think you will agree that the range of products is top notch. Prices are very reasonable too and minimum order sizes are small so we won’t have to wait for yearly intervals to get enough people interested before ordering up kit.

There are three main ranges available:

  • ‘Active’ which is at the budget end of the market.
  • ‘Elite’ which is a mid-range product with some nice finishing touches
  • ‘Pro’ which, as you have probably guessed is at the upper price point, but it has all the bells and whistles and is indeed good enough for teams in the pro tours.

Please contact us direct for individual prices of the items you’re interested in.  As a quick example, a men’s cut Active short sleeve/half zip top will come in at approximately £37 and bib-shorts start at £42.  Ladies cut tops are available at the same price and shorts (without bib) are available at £37 too.

If we order in bulk, there may be the opportunity for discounts.  For this reason, orders will ONLY be available through the club (no direct sales) and will likely take place every few months.

Please note, club kit is only available for purchase to fully paid-up members of Revolution CT. We take our responsibility in the community very seriously and want to ensure that anyone who is riding in club colours has agreed to abide by our “rules of the road” and represent the club in an appropriate manner.




Recommended Kit For Each Season

Seasons in Scotland are a tricky thing to predict, so it’s probably better to recommend kit for warm, mild and cold adventures! There are many different products that you could choose to order through the club from the Kalas catalogue linked above, so we will just give some basic suggestions below.

During the warmer weather you will probably get away with a short sleeved top and bib shorts, with summer mitts.

Into the milder days (that the English would refer to as ‘cold’ 🙂 ), you may be looking at either a long sleeved top or even layering a jacket over a jersey, coupled with bib tights or 3/4 length tights. Mitts or full finger gloves suggested.

When the winter hits hard, you really want to consider layering up well and utilising some of the ‘roubaix’ range which has a brushed lining to insulate you.  Waterproof products are also available but let’s face it, if you go out in wet weather, you WILL get wet no matter what gear you wear! Full length bibs and overshoes to protect your feet (and expensive shoes!) from all the road grit that will be thrown up are also a good suggestion. Full finger ‘winter’ rated gloves will likely be required and some form of skull cap under your helmet to keep your napper warm is also highly recommended!