Group Riding Techniques

Hand Signals In A Group

When we are out on a ride, you will see group leaders and experienced riders in the club making hand signals along with shouting out calls. We were going to try and demonstrate this technique with the use of diagrams, however we are using the resources at our disposal by providing you with a great video from British Cycling.  It is also your responsibility to relay the call to other members of the group and to let the ride leaders know you have heard and understand.

Here’s an excellent video from British Cycling that goes some way to explaining the calls:


Chain Gang

Here’s another excellent video from British Cycling that demonstrates the principals of riding in through and off. We will be running dedicated chain gang sessions and urge you all to check out this video first if you are considering joining in.


Riding Two Abreast

Contrary to what you might think, riding two abreast will actually make it easier for cars to pass. By keeping the length of the group to a minimum, it allows cars to pass more safely and in a shorter distance.  Here’s another great video from British Cycling to demonstrate the correct technique.