Club Achievements


Statistics are based on club members on Revolution CT Strava page and the cut-off for the statistics shown below was 16/03/18 at 0900hrs. There is a slight change this year in that Strava now recognises miles completed on the Turbo Trainer, so while some mileages are quite high, the elevations might not match that.  It should give those who prefer a bit of indoor training through the cold/wet weather more of a chance to compete in the longer term!

For our distance accumulated this year so far, Will takes the top spot. Next up is Karel in a firm second on the table, while Colin is holding on to third place despite recent shoulder surgery thanks to a strong start to the year.

Elevation-wise it’s more of the same with Will, Karel and Colin occupying the top three slots.

To make sure you’re in with a shout next year, be sure to join the Revolution CT club page on Strava.



NameDistance (Miles)
Will MacLennan2435.5
Karel Dolak1649.7
Colin Leslie1235.0
Steve Donaldson1024.0
Jason Robertson864.3
Alan Munro786.8
Davie Nicoll753.6
Harry Stagg739.9
Ryan Manson596.3
Ruairidh Ross496.2



NameElevation (ft)
Will MacLennan89,472
Karel Dolak79,990
Colin Leslie50,427
Steve Donaldson49,780
Alan Munro32,415
Davie Nicoll26,732
Jason Robertson24,678
Ryan Manson22,169
Iain Atherton18,845
Helen Brown18,593


We have now launched the official Revolution CT 10M TT course on Strava too.  The course MUST be started from a standing start to count on the club table.  Official club TT sessions will be announced in due course, which may supersede the results in this table, but for the meantime this is how it stands with those who have attempted the course.  Kudos should go to everyone who has attempted this segment.  It’s tough to give it your all for a solid 10 miles!


NameDateTime (mm:ss)Average Speed (mph)
Steve Donaldson03/06/1625:4923.1
Simon Ross01/08/1626:0222.9
Karel Dolak12/06/1626:3822.4
Ruairidh Ross10/06/1629:1620.4
Kev Bolton12/07/1629:3920.1
Davie Nicoll13/08/1629:5719.9
BJ Duff26/07/1630:2619.6
George Michie01/08/1630:4819.4
Anne McKinlay13/06/1632:1418.5
Alison MacLennan12/06/1633:3617.7

Archive results from previous years can be found here.