Winter Kit Order – Deadline Friday 24/09/21

Hi everyone. Time to get another kit order in for the winter. Kalas have updated their ranges and pricing recently, so please check below details carefully. Please also note that the old kit design is still available provided we meet the minimum order requirements of 5 pieces. If your order is for the old kit, please make this clear when ordering. If no instruction is given, it will be assumed that you want the new kit.

Link to the new kit design is shown below:

Pricing and styles of kit available are shown in the individual links below. Please note that the pricing is EX VAT, so you will need to allow for another 20% onto the price (So multiply the ex vat figure by 1.2 to obtain the actual price). Most members have ordered from the ‘Active’ range in the past. Kalas are looking to move away from this for actual cycling clubs as they believe their other products are better tailored to regular cyclists, with the active range targeted more at corporate events etc. Personally though, I think you should order from whichever range your budget allows.

Kalas Collection 2021 men:

Kalas Collection 2021 women:

Kalas Active Collection 2021:

A note on sizing – We will not be getting a sizing kit delivered from Kalas. We have a good selection of sizes available throughout the club so that people can approximate their size from there. Alternatively, you can view the size guide linked below:

Please remember to take an accurate measurement around the chest (for jerseys). Don’t rely on things such as your suit jacket size, as this is designed to be worn over a number of layers of clothing. Cycling jerseys are not. It makes a big difference honestly, so be as accurate as you can. The club will not be held responsible for incorrect sizes being ordered.

Your membership fee included a ‘voucher’ for £46.80 (which would cover the cost of a basic team jersey from the ‘Active’ range). If all you want is a basic jersey then all you need to do is let me know your name and the appropriate size required. You can email me at with the details.

If you want to order additional kit or a jersey from the ‘Elite’ range instead of the ‘Active’ range for example, you only have to pay the difference. See the example below:

Chosen kit net price: £70
Plus VAT (x1.2): £84
Minus £46.80 allowance: £84-£46.80 = £37.20
Total due to club: £37.20

Existing Members (who have already claimed a team jersey)
It’s a bit more straight forward for you guys. Any kit that you order will need to be paid up front in full. Payments should also be adjusted to include VAT (x1.2). See the example below:

Chosen kit net price: £70
Plus VAT (x1.2): £84
Total due to club: £84

Payments should be made to the club bank account. Details of the club bank account can be obtained by contacting Steve.

The closing date for orders will be Friday 24th September 2021. Payment MUST be made in full before the deadline, or your order will not be placed.

Once the order is submitted (with payment in full), it takes around 6-8 weeks to get delivery. Bear this in mind with anything you’re ordering (Summer/winter kit etc).

-Remember that there are also Mountain Bike jerseys available if that’s yours poison. Kids ranges are supplied by a different company, so email Steve for details if required. 

Don’t forget any birthdays etc. These make great gifts! 🙂

Final note. You CAN get your name printed on each item of clothing for a fee of £4 per item. It gets printed on the collar or chest depending on the length of the name, but I can check for anyone who wants this. It would be cool but remember too that it will restrict your ability to sell on your kit if you feel the need later.