Chain Gang Taster Session – Done!

Today (19/08/15) we had our first chain gang session for the club. We set off as a group of ten from The Links car park and headed for our planned circuit on the back roads towards Ardersier.  Alan S came through from Culloden direction to make the group up to a total of eleven.  Given the poor weather and mid-week time slot, that’s a pretty decent turn out!

It was nice to see members of all abilities giving the ride a bash and experiencing some of the thrills of chain gang.  Fortunately there were no accidents or (extremely) close calls!

As was always going to be the case with the first session, there were lessons learned by rider and club alike.  On the whole though, I think everyone had a great time. Please feel free to comment if you disagree!!

Light started to fade before enthusiasm, so we called an end to the session as the weather took a further turn for the worse. The poor weather highlighted the fact that even in the summer months, lights would have been a sensible option for inclusion in the pre-ride kit checklist!

I know I stated at the time that the pic below wouldn’t go online, but hey….. I told a little white lie.  If anyone seriously objects, let me know and I will remove it.

There was excellent efforts from all on the ride – particularly at the late shout for a sprint to the junction! Here’s hoping we can take lessons from tonight onward into another chain gang session soon.

Here’s the pic. Note the ominous clouds in the background and also the absence of the camera man. Selfie stick required for the next ride??