COVID-19 Update

As you can imagine, we are desperate to see a return to club activities as COVID restrictions start to ease. We really do have to be careful as we reintroduce activities though! The last thing we want to do is see any of our community being adversely affected by our own actions as a club.

Sunday Social rides have had a soft re-launch, to ensure we remain within the guidelines of both the Scottish Government and Scottish Cycling in terms of numbers in attendance etc. This is a learning curve for all involved, so please bear with us as we find our feet in the ‘new normal’.

For our social rides, we will not require any official self-verification of health, however we do politely request that if you show any symptoms related to COVID, or if you have come into contact with anyone who has shown symptoms in the 14 days prior to our rides, please do the sensible thing and stay away. The club will always be there for you when you are back to full health, so there’s no need for any FOMO!!

Coached sessions will also be returning soon, but will take a slightly different format to accommodate the required changes. More details on coached sessions will be posted soon. Please keep an eye out on the facebook page for any updates, as that is the wider used platform these days. I will try to update the website at more regular intervals. Please excuse the lack of updates as we have been working towards keeping the club going in the background.

Stay safe!