Youth Section

This has taken some time to come to fruition so I thought I’d better provide a bit of an explanation.

The kids club is still something that as a club we are VERY much focussed on achieving.  In order to do this properly though, there are a number of conditions we must meet.  Far more than were initially expected to be honest.  As well as vital PVG checks and such like, there are a number of other courses to attend.  Each of these courses are only available to attend at certain times throughout the year and even now, well over a year after the initial plan for a kids club, there are still more courses that we have just found out we will need to attend before offering a full service to all the juniors in Nairn.

There are Safeguarding and Protecting Children courses, Outdoor First Aid courses, Coaching qualifications and now also Mountain Bike Leaders qualifications that we must have in place before we can successfully provide the service we want to. We also need to have the willing club members to attend these courses and dedicate the time to running a kids club.  These things are all taking time, though for the main part we are well on the way.

Please contact me if you would like to have your details added to a database and we will email you with any updates on when sessions will be going ‘live’.  We do have an option to provide a number of ‘taster’ sessions until all the qualifications for all the coaches have been obtained, so we can contact you well ahead of when these are planned if we have your details.  Please email me on to be kept in the loop or leave a message on our Facebook page.